Elsever Hotel, located on Babek Road, combining all the elements of a 3-star hotel, offers you comfortable rooms, tasty, healthy cuisine and a variety of activities for children and adults. It is located 2 km from Nakhchivan International Airport. The Elsever Hotel was opened in 2001 and offers 41 rooms and 7 cottages. Hotel Elsever also provides welcome services at the airport. Note: this service is paid. On its menu, the restaurant offers national and world cuisine, as well as dishes prepared according to doctor’s prescriptions in the buffet format and in the style of ala-carts. At Elsever Wedding Salon with 300 seats, you can enjoy a great day. The hotel also has a special stage for various colorful events and regular concerts. Elsever Hotel also has the necessary facilities for children to relax and have fun. In addition, the hotel also offers city tours, historical and religious monuments and nature reserves.